Customizing Vouchers


Could you please do let me know how to add customized words at the end of the Cash Payment Voucher like

Entered By : ( Need the name of the person who has entered with their log in name not the email ID )

Approved By : ( Same as above)

Received :

because at the moment since these are source documents for accounting we are manually writing those vouchers which are then entered into the system, adding the image of the manual voucher. This will reduce the duplication of manual entry and system entry

Same is the case we need to be done for Material Dispatch Note , Stock Entry Vouchers , GRN Vouchers , Purchase Order , Leave Application Forms in HR Module

This feature would really be helpful for every one .

Preprinted Stationery is not favorable please.

Awaiting your kind reply.


You can add Custom Field for them. Check

Thanks Nabin let me follow your instructions and revert to you