Customs Tariff Number on Purchase Order Print/Email

When creating purchase order from item list, I cannot seem to find a way to show the item’s Customs Tariff Number on the print or email.

How do I do this?

The customs tariff number is set in the Item.

When I try to customise the Item List on the Purchase Order Print, there is no option for Customs Tariff Number. Where can I find it?

Hi @Jukkis,

Custom tariff number not available in purchase order item level.
Otherwise, you create a custom field and fetch the value, and then set it in print format.

You can also set like If you want to create a custom print format then custom tariff number get for apply like

{% for row in doc.items %}

Item Code: {{row.item_code}} <br>
Customs Tariff Number: {{frappe.db.get_value("Item",row.item_code,'customs_tariff_number')}}

{% endfor %}

Thank You!