Custumise erpnext layout (template project)

i want to custmise erpnext desk apps layouts for a template project for erpnext can someone give me the propre way to do it ?

Can you explain clearly what do you want to customize?

i want to custumise the internal view of modules in the desk for example the white background and the white forms the position /color of the menus and buttons etc.
i know (correct me if i am wrong ) that frappe/erpnext uses a template engine depends entirely on CSS Bootstrap and some HTML5 tag like header ,footer etc ,
i manged to custumise the layout from desk.html with some css files in the asset folder but i’am stuck with the menu i cant find the code file may be it located and called in some js file. if it’s so where can i find it ?

The top navbar uses bootstrap.css while the rest of the css is in desk.css


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