Cycle of Purchase item

I’m using ERPNext v12.
I’m running a manufacturing company. I’m confused about buying items. Can anyone just tell me the buying cycle or steps.

  1. I have suppliers.
  2. I have to give payment via installment ( Suppose advance payment 30%, after delivery 70%) and direct.
  3. I have to buy office equipment and other necessary things like ( tea, paper, pen, etc)
  4. I have to buy manufacturing items. Like, buy cement, sand, stone dust for creating bricks.

Can anyone just tell me the steps (like Create Supplier> create quoation> make purchase order etc) I have to follow to start the buying process to payment. Please mention important fields while inputting data like bank accounts.

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you have many options for that. either online or offline.
if you want to order online it’s very easy you just need to log in and then add the item to the cart and place an order followed by the payment method.
but one thing you need to make sure of is that to know about the return policy before buying anything. most of the time people ignore it and later they may face difficulties. so for further detail about the return policy and how it works, you can go through the site which I found most interesting about thereturn policy. you also learn something.
Thank You!

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for that, You have to follow the different steps and procedures.
some of them I can mention below.

  1. establish your business entity(form an LLC Or corporation)
  2. Obtain taxpayer id.
  3. get a reseller permit
  4. Read the guarantee, warranty,returns and refund policies of the company from where you are going to purchase.
  5. Purchase in a little quantity at the beginning.
    and you can also plan accordingly.