Daily cash/cash in bank collection/expense report

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Is there any way we can generate daily cash collection report same as below format:

Right now, we can only get daily report in the GL by selecting each cash/CIB/PDC account to get the total amount for each on a daily basis. It would be very helpful if we get the same report as shown in the screenshot.
Is this possible to create?
Thank you…

You can create custom report please see https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/customize-erpnext/articles/making-custom-reports-in-erpnext.html

Hi there, can you please suggest to which document should i use to customize such report which will show total for each account in just one report. thank you…

@ai_me You have to learn to dig the source of ERPNext for now its the best documentation in customizing the app. If you have no time you can hire service providers https://community.erpnext.com/service-providers

We suggest to have this report in this erp since it will be helpful not only for us but for other company’s as well who are generating daily reports to be submitted in their accounts on a daily basis. Most of the companies need this kind of printable reports at the end of the day showing figures of daily cash/cash in bank transactions with total balances for the day.
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Any Update of daily collection reports