Daily collection report

I could not find a report which details cash collection for a day/month when you have payments taken via payment entries and POS invoices.

Have I not explored enough ?

Hi Mujeer,

So your users make POS Invoices and they record payments through Payment Entries too. So, now you want a combined report that includes payments received from both Payment Entries and POS Invoices?

Won’t a General Ledger Report for the Underlying Account help you achieve this?

Hope this helps.



I think we made such a report as part of our POS Bahrain app. Not sure but remember a client asking for it some time ago.

Hi @Muzzy

can you throw more clarity on this? I think I need this report. Would be a shame to duplicate efforts

Hi @olamide_shodunke will check it and get back if I find the report.

Hi @JayRam ,

Thanks for the response. It seems like this won’t help because underlying accounts are different. We do have advance payments as well.

I think we will need a customized report for this as @Muzzy says.