Daily Employee Expense Record

Hi everyone,

Please tell me if there is any way of doing the following in Erpnext.

A company provides many services, do not sell or buy anything. Every day employees are given some money to be spent on work orders and different kind of expenses in the field. The money allowed and expenses of the employees need to be tracked using vouchers and receipts And each day this accounts must be tallied.

They need it to be done with easy and fast everyday and need employees to fill expense receipts.
What would be better?
To find a way it is done in erpnext and customize it as per their needs?
or to make a new module as they want it to be and link it with accounts?

its my first project. please help
If its the first option that you suggest, then please tell me how?

go to human resources>Expense claim>create an expense claim for each employee and save it but dont submit. keep adding daily expenses everyday at the end of the day line by line, and save everytime you add a line but dont submit. at the end of the week or month or whatever submit the claims,
mike krol