Daily Production Log

We want to record the daily production of our machines under following fields:

  • Production Order No
  • Workstation
  • Operator
  • Time Start
  • Time End
  • Operation etc

This is further used to calculate costing for the produced item and machine utilization.

In ERPNext V6.17 when we try to enter the above data we find that we have to first make a BOM entry for all the operations and then time logs are automatically created. In our case most of the jobs run on machines for 3-4 days or more. In order to track the time accurately we make multiple time logs shift wise so that if a person is doing a grinding operation for a specific PRO for three days then there would be three entries as per his shift.

To achieve above we tried to customize the Time log form so that For-manufacturing checkbox could be enabled in order to fill the PRO details which are hidden by default. But this customization could not be done as it shows that this variable is read-only and can not be modified. Even after removing the depend for condition of these variables they are not visible. Please inform how we can make them visible to directly enter Production Order No, workstation, operation etc so that the program gives us correct figures for costs incurred in production operations.

What is the best approach for this scenario.