Daily report for retail sales


According to greek law, everyday we have to print daily a report for our retails sales called ‘Z’.
Now what I want to do is print daily at the end of the day, when our store closes, a report like that.

Is there a way to make a such a report and give it a name and number? What I mean is
I have every night to print a ‘Z’ for our retail with the days receipts (retail only,POS) and also I want that report to have numbering. Z-1 for day one,Z-2 for day two and so on.

Is that possible to be done via settings somehow, or I am looking at custom code ?


You can achieve most of it by creating a custom report on Sales Invoice.


Thats the exact page I was looking at the moment but wasn’t sure if that would do it.

Will give it a shot and will reach out if I get an error.

I actually can make the report from there thank you.

I don’t know how I can give it a numbering though.
I have named the report ‘Daily Z’ how can I make it now have a number ‘Daily Z - X’ ?

I can’t seem to understand how I will give numbering to that…pretty sure its something obvious that I dont see.

Hopefully someday soon ERPNext will have dynamically updating date filters so that such reports can be automated… The POS is also still lacking a way to close the register after the day’s sales have been reconciled

Regarding numbering, I’m not sure there’s currently a way to create a series for reports. Maybe that could be added to the ‘auto-email report’ feature?


I honestly have no idea how to achieve that, so I’ll wait and see if anyone have done something similar or knows how this can be done.

Please see this: X and Z reports - end of day cash reconciliation for POS? · Issue #2731 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Besides that request that others made though, isnt there a way to just add numbering to the name of the report?