Daily tasks of department and control permissions if task status set to OK

Hello! May I ask you some help? Here is my doubt:

Facts about our work:

  • We produce dairy products. When we produce cheese, the production weight is only available 3 days after milk consumption itself. We can’t set a BOM, because the amount of raw material used and produced is aways different (some milk properties do that)
  • Great part of our work repeat every day. We buy raw milk. We receive it. Produce products. Then sell products.
  • Physical proccess still aren’t synchronized to ERP data. Production team produces pass values, then our secretary loads it in ERP.
  • Delay of information may happen if something go wrong. But it can’t block our workflow.

I would like to have control over what is OK. The perfect workflow for me would be: Repetitive "To do"s assigned automatically everyday to responsibles. And if the responsible sets its status to OK, permissions on documents of that day (like productions) are changed so he should now ask for permission if needs to add something on that day. Is this possible?

Blocking things relative to today`s date isn’t a good solution for me, because it may not track information correctly as a employee can mark the task as done, and continue to work on that day.

I really apreciate suggestions if I’m using something wrong. Thanks!