Daily Work Summary Customization

Hello, i recently activated daily work summary for employees and i noticed the following:

  1. The notification is sent to everyone without having the opportunity to specify exactly who should receive this notification
  2. Some of the replies sent in by employees is not logged in the summary even though it is sent in before the required midnight deadline.
  3. Every employee receives the summary of everyone regardless of role in the company which means a junior employee can track the activities of his/her boss.

Following from the above, I need help for the following:

  1. Specify which employee within the organization to receive the daily work summary request
  2. Find out and possibly fix the reason why some of the replies are not recorded
  3. Determine who should receive the midnight summary.

I would appreciate if someone can help me with these as it’s currently an embarrassment that every employee is being tracked by every other employee because limitations/rules cannot be applied to who see what in the employee reporting.


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Just to support you on the issue

We basically stopped using it for this same reason.

To be effective we need a filter for who the mail can go to and also who can receive the final work summary.

It would also be nice to have several work summary for each company with departmental and branch filter options.

Why not raise a github issue for it ?


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All of this is fixed in the develop branch and will be part of v11. You can create multiple work summaries groups and specify users for each group.

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Thanks for the feedback. i’m happy to know this will be fixed in v11. But any ETA on the release of this version? As it is i can’t switch to develop branch on a production environment as i’m not quite proficient with ERPNext on the backend so any extra effort required to get things running might be a drag to handle.