Damages from Production

I’m setting production management for a client. There are times when there are damages in production (say there was a work order for 200 items), and at the end of the process they are able to produce 195, with 5 damages (raw materials are consumed in this process). They need to request material for 5 more items to ensure they produce the required qty. However, you cant do a material transfer again on the same work order. We can’t use scrap because we aren’t able to foresee damaged quantities. Some time, there are no damages coming out of the process, at times it’s 1 or 2 items and other times 10-20.

At the end we want to then move the 5 damaged products to a damages warehouse and 200 to finished goods.

System doesn’t allow “overproduction” and we aren’t able to request additional raw materials. I’m trying to avoid creating another WO, more so some are manufacture to order.

Interesting problem. I guess you’ve implemented ERPs for a lot of organizations, so apologies if my post borders on the preachy. So here goes:

This is a classic issue of the Flexibility against control. The pitfalls of implementing an ERP is having to toggle between these two adjectives often with the same stakeholders within the same organization. Client asks for control. You give control. Suddenly the discussion is about flexibility.

In this case, you do want to know the percentage of rejections. You don’t want the shopfloor to draw more raw material than what’s required. However, your request makes perfect sense as well. Please submit a github issue for this (or better still find a service provider that can build this in) and build in the flow such that qty produced for a work order is the accepted qty and not the total qty, so that the shopfloor can indent the raw material for 5 nos on the same work order. Till then you and your client are best served by another workorder for the 5 Nos. You could have this on a different series so that you know that this is against rejections.

Hope this helps.




Thanks for your reply. I understand your point regarding flexibility vs control. We’ll look into the two options we have at hand; customisation or an extra WO.

Thank you.

I wonder how the projected quantity report will behave when 200 quantity is requested, work order for 205 is created, 200 is entered in stock.