Dashboard Chart (filtering based on assigned user)

Hello all,
I have set up two CRM Users: Lets say : User A and User B.

I have also set up a ToDo chart which will show a Heat map/bar chart for all the todo list assigned to them. I have set this chart in Home of both users. But, the chart shows total todo count instead of todo assigned for each one. To clarify, Lets say I have assigned 3 todo tasks to user A and 5 todo tasks to user B, then as per my understanding, todo chart in user A’s desk should show total 3 tasks and for B’s desk, it should show 5. But the chart shows 8 todo tasks in graph for each user. Its only when the users enter into ToDo doc, that they will see only the tasks assigned to them.

I checked around for any filter that can be assiged automatically based on current user but could not find any.

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If you want to assign Task User A & B. Then remove permission from their role.
Hope it will work.
Thank You.


Hi, Thank you for your time.

Could you please clarify which permissions should I remove ?

Hi @anupd ,

Hope you are doing great!

Have you found the solution for this requirement?
Even I would like to implement the same. Kindly guide me through this