Dashboard feature there?

Dear Team,

Is there any dashboard development plan. as generally, when user make decision, they want to see overall information in a center places.

that’s why asked so.


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Hello Yang,

We have Analytics reports in each module to address this. Please check:

Selling >> Main Report >> Sales Analytics

Buying >> Main Report >> Buying Analytics

Stock >> Main Report >> Stock Analytics

Accounts >> Main Report >> Financial Analytics

yes, those are good features, I was thinking from a boss point of view. he has no time like IT to go through pages to pages.

Maybe in dashboard, display overall status in graph or table there. It will bring a lot of attention.



Yes, I agree. Dashboard would be an important feature to add to ERPNext. It would save me a lot of time from navigating through pages everyday at business. Many other CRMs/ERPs have dashboard feature.

also our boss is very busy and is always asking for dash board feature so it will be great addition to the system.

A single “configurable” dashboard is very important.

I also agree. Dashboard is very important and a good ERP is missing
something without it.

QuickBooks enterprise version can be a good example for crisp dashboard.
(Analytics is slightly different). Odoo also has good facility for
Dashboard. User at every level of hierarchy is concerned about different
information and would like to keep eyes on that information.

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+1 dashboard for the boss

Ok, we discussed this in the conference.

  1. Financial Analytics and Sales Analytics are pretty powerful.
  2. Dashboard is a vanity statistic. You keep looking at it everyday it does not do you good. It promotes short-termism. My sales is down this week, what can I do? This thinking is not good. On a daily basis you have to look at your customer issues, open quotes etc, seeing gross numbers every day makes you change direction too fast and its not a good / health way of living.

My 2c


Whether feature available to set an alert which can send selected report at a specified interval?

It is not only about statistics. Many times we need to display certain views/reports which can lead to pending things. (Display of only open document numbers is not sufficient to check pending thing, as it does not lead to specific report and list views (where it leads) has limitation to display required information).

Can I suggest a simple soution here?

  1. More number of columns should be allowed in default list view.
  2. Saved view (we call it custom report) list can be displayed in header bar)

I am sending few screen shots in next message, how it is done in salesforce and Zoho.

Unable to upload file… Is there any other way to do it?

It’s an animated GIF. Can you see the animation? Pl suggest another way to upload if not.

@rmetha, I don’t totally disagree with you. Depending on a dashboard as the only thing a manager looks at is not good. But don’t generalize that a dashboard is not good. There different types of businesses that depends on the ability of finding information very fast.

I manage 20 people directly, and they manage people too. My time is spent meetings and customer visits, and usually I don’t have time to spend on reports, lists, or even analytic to know our current conversion rate whether it’s improving or not. Or the growth in our generated opportunities every months, or simply the USD value of bad debt and whether it is reducing or not.

The other note is that businesses are very different, and I think the focus should be on what makes people productive than what is a good habit and what’s not, because people are very different, and regions are very different.

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As running a business, accept @rmehta statement 100%. Dashboard can be used only for Managers to report the critical numbers to Management.

May be this is my personal perspective.