Dashboard Options for ERPNext


We are planning to create executive dashboard for manufacturing and Accounting aspects.

Which of these below options would be effective and recommended?

  1. Erpnext Inbuilt dashboard feature
  2. Third party dashboard/visualization tool like metabase, Apache superset
  3. Any other options?



I have a expertise in dashboard creation through metabase. If you need any help regarding the same kindly let me know


First gut feeling, inbuilt would be more effective in the long term as everything is already integrated.
Now dashboards can take several forms within ERPNext.
You can have the dashboards as already built (for instance: go on the accounting module, click on dashboard, there is already a lot there).
You can have your own dashboard that you build yourself using the frappe tools (look for instance at account balance timeline) Pretty slick!!
You can also integrate dashboard to reports (think patient healthcare analytics).

So, with the tools already present, you can really create a lot! And yes, it will take some time to get use on how to best utilize them. I found the learning curve a bit steep to be honest (especially due to the scarcity of blog posts / tutorials, etc. on how to build them).

@Ranbir Please help out .We could deploy metabase locally.But to deploy it on the same vps where Erpnext is deployed has been a nightmare.The main issue is configuring Nginx to serve the metabase and Erpnext on the sane vps.We have been struggling with this for the past 2 days without result.If you can give a guide for installing metabase with SSL on the same server with Erpnext,we will deeply appreciate.

@Fred1 All you have to do is figure out how to run two servers on the same instance with nginx. Pretty tricky but doable. I achieved it sometime ago using some tips from @bkm in his post on how to create a combo server on a single VPS and a little research on how to install ssl on nginx.

It wasn’t straightforward and i didn’t document my steps so i can’t say how i did it exactly because it was a while ago but i know it’s def possible.

@flexy2ky Thanks.I will try the combo server.I have figured out how to install ssl on ngnix but the issue I have is that thesame ngnix serves both the metabase and erpnext.