Data collection tool and integration with ERPNext


We want to deploy some open source tools for creating forms, collect data and finally publish them to ERP.

We are considering using ODK collect. Is there someone who has worked on a similar project and can help us to understand the challenges with integrations and what are the different options available.



Did you try ERPNext Webform? It should help you design a front-end for collecting data. On entering web form, record will be auto-created in the backed.

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Hi Deepak, hope you are well did you finally manage to get the solution to publish in ERPnext from ODK?

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Hi Umair,

I think Deepak is thinking about technology that has been made to ease offline field data collection and the ability to then sync that back to ERPnext. ODK collect include an offline android app that stores the responces when one is in the field and can be synced when one is back online. i know salesforce has developed an integration for this Open Data Kit - Open[fn] provides integration between ODK and Safesforce

is that possible in ERPnext, GitHub - OpenFn/VPUU: Violence Prevention Through Urban Upgrading: Open Data Kit to Salesforce

Best wishes Wil