Data collector device


I have a data collector device and I need to compare data that I collect from the device which describes how much items I have in the inventory, with the items that are in the system.
I need to make sure that the number of physical items in the inventory is equal to the number of items that the ERPNext system is showing to me.

Your help is really appreciated.

I would so something along the lines of:

Create a custom python report.
Upload data from the device to your server for example in csv format.
Read in the data line by line.
Run an sql query to search for the item and qty in the database
Output the data in the report.

It’s going to require some Python coding.

Or you could create a custom docytpe.
Use ErpNext’s import functionality to import the device data
Create a custom report
Use Sql to compare the data in the custom doctype vs the Stock and Bin tables

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so there’s no such feature in the ERPNext right now, you mean I need to create it by myself !