Data from Child Tables getting deleted when another user updates them

Hi everybody!

I’m having this issue where I created 4 Doctypes as Child Tables and linked them onto the CRM/Lead Doctype using the Customize Form.

When I insert rows in these tables, they can be saved without an issue. But if one of my colleagues try to add different ones, or change it, they will all get wiped - even in the db.

If he tries to insert it himself, it gets immediately deleted after saving.

Could this be related to permissions? I wasn’t able to find any settings for this in the Doctype settings for the child tables.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I am experiencing the same problem.

That’s very odd. I’d wonder if the doctypes you’ve created are defined correctly. Are they marked as “Child Doctype” in their definitions?

I managed to get this fixed. I connected to the user’s PC and noticed he hadn’t included the columns in the child table - using the ‘configure columns’ function - he was actually trying to add the row by editting the entry in the full view thing.

Wondering if this is working as intended or a bug.