Data from different doctiypes - but one lead-id

i start to work with erpnext and learned, that if i set up a new lead - and make e.g. opportunity, some fields are the same (e-mail, phone …) and i have to fill them out again manually. pooor!
in this case it would be a nice solution, to have existing data from lead is automatically shown in the other doctypes.

Would be very interested in a solution for that.
thanks also

If there is a field with the same name then it gets auto fetched on another form.


  1. I have created one Lead

Then I created Opportunity using Make button

as you see email field is auto fetched.

If you have any idea you can create GitHub issue or also send PR

yes, a little bit curious …
i checked it again manually. In the lead, i have the e-mail-adress as also a billing-adress.
Now i klick >make>opportunity. And yes, the e-mail is fetched.
But if i open the block “contact info”, there is the field “customer-lead-adress” - it is empty.
There i have manually to klick in - and geht only the “Lead-id-billable”

This is right? In this opportunity i dont see any contact info - e.h. a phone number, to call.

is there an chart of those processes, i can learn what erpnext is doing?


Not all fields get fetched while making a record. But you can do it by adding custom script.

Oh,ok. Its a little sad, that all things, which would be a good workflow, have to add manually.
do you have the script?

Refer following script

Custom Script Fetch Values From Master

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I try this in the next days. Thanks a lot!