Data Import - BOM


I’m importing a BOM structure with around 2500 lines in the import sheet, separated into 90 BOM.

There is a lot of interdependence in this BOM structure; there is a single top-level part number and everything else is in multi-level BOM below this.

My import was started nearly 4 hours ago and is still listed as In Progress in the Data Import tool. Is this normal, or has something happened! I cannot delete the import (not permitted).
I’ve now deleted all the imported BOM to attempt a re-import.
The new BOM Import completed sucessfully in a few minutes. The original is still “In Progress”. Is this safe? How can I make sure that the stalled process is killed off?


I haven’t looked at the BOM side of things for a while, but looooong ago i had some issues there. Created a post which may have some usable info in it here