Data import error in department

I am importing data for employee but it is giving error that department not found but it exists in database too. I used only “Sales” and also with company abbreviation as “Sales - MTPL” but does not work

Adding manually works

Check that there are no trailing spaces or non-standard characters. You would do well to convert to .CSV and then check all the formatting in a text editor or IDE

Yes the problem was with linux excel sheet, now I am using google sheets, windows excel works fine but I have to work on linux

May be, It is because the parent_department which you are setting in excel sheet at row no.21 does not exists while entering the record for row no. 21.

Can you please share excel sheet.

Save the file to CSV, and then check in a text editor to make sure you don’t have lots of blank lines/rows/columns. It is then MUCH faster as well