Data Import Error: 'NoneType' object is not iterable


I am trying to import my Sale Invoice data but getting following error, can anyone please suggest what is wrong:

Import FailedError for row (#21) “CST - Chdg-2” : ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

Please download CSV file from following link:


Hi @Sumit_Arora,

I can replicate the issue in my test account. We are looking into this.

Hi Shachi,

did you find anything.

@Sumit_Arora can you provide me with the Traceback from your console?

Hi @Sumit_Arora,

Try to import CSV ,without entering first column (i.e ID ) Sales Invoice ID.

Hi Shachi, can you please tell me how to get it. FYI - we are on Cloud on your server

Open your console, reload your account and import your .csv file.
To open concole in your browser go to Tools >> Developer Tools >> Console and add screenshot of the console traceback.

Hi, please find attach image, hope you require same.

Hi, Are you able to solve it.

Hello Sumit,

This issue seems to be severe one. We are still trying to solve it.
Bare with us. :slight_smile:

Hi Shachi,

I can understand you guys have other things to fix, but I am also sure that this issue is not that big which you cant solve in max to max 1hr.

Plz try to understand its been now 5days and whole data is pending to import.


Hi @Sumit_Arora,

Error indicates that, you have not enter the customer name properly in the csv or maybe the customer is not exist in the system. Please enter the existing customer in the csv and try to upload the file.

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