Data Import error whe empty or with character >

I’m using the data import too to update items.

I have data fields that I want to erase. But in libreoffice calc (excel). If I left the case blank, it doesnt erase my data in ERPNext. It leave it there. I tried to put a space and same issue.

Second problem is the > character that is converted to > in erpnext. I’m using UTF8 formatting. I tried to import in xlsx format and csv format and same issue.
Any suggestions? I’m running erpnext version v12.6.0

what are you trying to update and plz attach screen to your problem

I was trying to import Woocommerce category information which is build like that Category > SubCategory.
I was trying to import that in a new field. I tried Data field and text field. Nothing worked but Text Editor worked!