Data Import Error while importing data of Employee

While i am importing data of Employee, i am getting an error which i am not able to solve.
The error is as follows:
“Error for row (#21) “EMP/0034” : must be string, not”
This error is shown for all employees record but none of my row is datetime still getting the error.

hi @Varna,
can you share the screenshot of line no 21 of your csv.
i think you have to enter the wrong date format entered.


@sagar @shraddha
I am not using any date format coloumn
Actually i am updating Employee data so just using 2 column
1.Employee ID
PFA of my screenshot

hello @Varna
read the first line,as share you the screenshot.
please don’t mention the employee series & try it.


i cant remove the 1st column as i am updating the data & not inserting new data

just simulate date format for erpnext

best approach is to enter only record normally, export, fill the rest with same format and import back.

I even tried that i exported the data & as it is imported it still getting that error :frowning:

It means other errors will follow, in particular, mandatory fields! unless you disable it