Data import error

If I try to import a .csv file it shows this error to all rows :

Import Failed

Error for row (#21) “Anil Traders” : ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘append’

I added few data in the Supplier in ERPNext , exported the file(downloaded it) and filled the required data as in the fields. While importing(uploading), I am getting this error in import logs.

Share your csv file

Did you get any solution for this issue.
I am also facing same issue.
Please help me if you have solution


This thread was from 4 years ago. While the import still functions as usual, you should open a new thread and describe your problem more in detail, since ERPnext has changed quite a bit

Here is a general guideline that you may find helpful, based on my own experience:

  1. Only use that one .csv file for upload, which you previously downloaded from the import template. It saves you a lot of work.
  2. Check whether a certain column is really necessary to fill during import. If it’s not mandatory, consider importing without them and fill them at a later time, in case a specific field gives you errors.
  3. Check that you only fill in data, whose column has the appropriate datatype. (Meaning only numbers for INT columns, only dates for date columns etc…)
  4. If the imported data links to other doctype data, check that it exists.

These generally gave me some trouble.