Data import - from other ERP systems

I am looking to migrate a lot of information from existing systems to ERPNext as part of a divestment/spin-out process.

I’d like to import this data into ERPNext in the right way, so that it all “meshes” correctly. I’ve already seen that the order of BOM import has an effect on the outcome, and I have some BOMs that are 15 levels deep.

Is there a recommended order to import the various types of information ito ERPNext? For instance, Suppliers before Items? What about Item Groups? Before Items, but what about Price Lists? before Items, but after Suppliers? Has anyone produced a guide for this large-scale import before?


You have to ensure that any level referenced in an import, already exists, otherwise the import referring to it WILL fail. I have not worked with anything 15 levels deep, but in my experience, BOMs in particular are complex to import, and it’s often better to recreate them manually.

The (duplicate/clone + edits) is normally a good way to speed up this process (slightly).

Sequence that works is the same sequence as the initial company & system setup… COA…suppliers…customers…items…etc

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“initial company & system setup”

As well as what Trent suggests, the demo setup code will help you identify dependencies.

This too diagram of DocType relationships

I only learned about that just now from this ER Diagram for ERPNEXT or Data Dictionary to assist in understanding and contributing to development

have fun


What an awesome resource! Thank you John

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Yup lots of learning gems :wink:

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Is that up to date?
When I click the link, it downloads a html, without any deeper content.