Data import from xero accounting system

will i be able to import data from xero accounting system?

You can do it using their REST API but will have to write custom code to map the data to ERPNext.

We can also do it for you as a service, Not Found

@pdvyas is there pricing to build the import as a once off which can then be run any number of times at our end free of charge? That price is per record so in our case we’d have to pay $250USD per day or week to upload a small number of transactions from Xero to ERPNext.

Does that make sense?

This is for one off migration from Xero to ERPNext and not for a two way sync system.

My apologies, did not understand. We are looking for a one way sync from Xero to ERPNext but I believe I can tackle this myself using Import data. Thanks.

@monojoker We have started building connectors, so I believe this should be do-able in a 2-3 of months.


@rmehta Does that mean that we will be able to do the import smoothly with no coding required?

Thanks @rmehta there seems to be some great features coming. As they say the waiting is the hardest part :smile:

@rmehta sounds good. What connectors are you building and what progress is there on this?

Hi @rmehta

I’m kicking the tires of ERPNext and I like what I see so far. I’m also migrating out of Xero and came across this thread. Are there any updates on the connectors?



@jmatsushita Welcome to the community! No Xero connector yet. You will have to use the data import tool:

I’ve now written a universal OAuth2 REST API importer which is compatible with Xero. Get in touch if you’d like us to help out!