Data Import giving issue

Hello All,

I am trying to import data everything goes well till I press START IMPORT. it just shows "NOT STARTED’ and nothing happens. I have tried both CSV and Xls. Refreshed, logged out and in the app. Even I changed my laptop to make sure that its not my system which is causing it. Kindly Help

@muhammad_Hashim First, welcome to the ERPNext community.
Second, from the preview area, check if all the data in the table is correct and make suce that Item code is unique.
Or you can export the data for the specific doctype and then edit the exported file by adding the data you want to import, then import that file.

Yup, that is the absolute best way to do it.


Thank you for your valuable response. I have tried what you suggested but unfortunately, nothing is working. Can it be an installation-related error?