Data Import how does it work

I am using the download form and even for 1 address item it won’t upload. I have over 500 address to upload and customers and suppliers and items.

Welcome to ERPNext Richard

Here are basic docs

A forum search will give clues to what has worked for others that had problems.

Please more details of steps and troubleshooting you have tried, system reports or errors.

Trial and error persistance will reward you.

good luck


Please share the error you get so we can have a better understanding of your issue. I have imported thousands of addresses in ERPNext and it all depends on filling in the correct columns.


Ok… maybe some initial pointers are in need here even before you reply.

When sending records to erpnext through the import function,

  • It is important for there to be NO data in column B. That column is only for when you are updating existing records and will need to be empty for new records.

  • Looking across row 17 tells you if the data column is mandatory to be filled in. Now while we are on the topic of “mandatory” fields, this mandatory setting is applied in groups of columns.
    ->-> In the first group of columns C thru (whatever) all mandatory columns MUST be filled in.
    ->-> Groups of columns are separated by a tilde character column ( ~ ). After the first group, the rest of the groups are usually ok to leave blank even if there is a yes in the mandatory line above the column data (line 17). However, if you fill in one of those columns with a yes in the mandatory line, then you must fill in all the rest of the mandatory columns in that grouping.

  • When uploading NEW data, be sure to check the box next to “Submit after importing” and “Do not send emails” all other boxes must be un-checked. (There is no longer a box for “Do not update but insert new records”, that went away in v10)

  • Make sure to import your customers and suppliers before starting to import their address data. The addresses need to be linked to either a customer or a supplier so those must be done first.

  • Before you can import Items, you must first have imported or manually setup all the Item Groups, UOM, and Warehouses.

  • Before you can import price lists, you must have the Items in place.

This is the short starting list, but it should get you into the hang of how things work. In the mean time, post the error you were getting and we can see if you need something else first.

Hope this helps,



thank you . I have imported the Customers without problem. But the address will not import.

Hello @Richellin,

I think you have to export the customers and its address first, then check the compatibility of doc type fields to import data.