Data Import in v12 not working

I am working on ERP next version V12. Whenever I import data it shows status “Processing”.
Please let me know the steps .


In Latest version Pls check in New Data Import Beta : Sales Invoice Import.


I have tried with the same option for Sale invoice, Item, etc… but failed.
It would be good if you can be explained in detail.
Let me know if you need any details from me.

You can open another tab in the browser to go to the List view of the data you are importing. Refresh occassionally.

This also happens to me especially for those large imports.

how many rows in your uploaded sheet and your server components ?

around 700


I am trying with test entry with 2 to 3 rows. Still the status will show in Progress.
Please help me out.

I have this same issue with Data Import Beta

I discovered an error in the template being used for Payment Entry, two columns have “Account Currency” and another two columns are “Exchange Rate”. This may have caused the error “Missing Account Currency, Exchange Rate”

In the old Data Import, these columns are: paid_from_account_currency, paid_to_account_currency, source_exchange_rate and target_exchange_rate.

I reverted to using the old Data Import which is more stable.

Thanks for reporting this @bernealmazan - in future please check here to record details thanks! Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Noted with thanks. Will do this next time.

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