Data Import Issue

Hi, I am new to ERP Next, I am trying to import data to Quotation. On data import it is showing me successful data import for 20rows, but when I check Quotation in ERPnext it is showing only one row.

Can anyone suggest, what mistake I am doing.

Sumit Arora

Please check ,Have you filled “Id” column in csv at the time of importing?
if yes,then remove that and Check “Series” column should be “QTN-”

Hi, as I am importing my old data so want to have existing series which Q1, So i have mention there Q1. Is this making issue.


Might be. try this by keeping QTN- series.


Please check attach file, hope you find something.

Where have you attached file? i can’t see.Not visible

Please download file, I also tried same by replacing Series to default, but didnt work. Please check

In your file ,everywhere is same record.

Every row should contain different record and you have given “ID” column also.

Can you please update it for me, just once.

At very first, I tried to upload file by keeping first row with all required filled and rest column only with item detail, But Import tool gives error and asked me to enter other required column too. So I updated these column with same data with list of its related items detail.
So need more assistance from you.

I tried every possible way to import data, but it is importing only one row and that also with Draft status.

If I leave “ID” column blank then it is creating separate Quotation for each row.

Please check.

Check “Do not update, but insert new records” on Data Import Tool and try again.

Hi, this also didnt work. my issue is if I leave my ID column blank then it is creating separate Quotation for each row, whereas I want to have multiple row in same quotation. Please help

You mean to say in one quotation you want multiple item.
check this quotation ,here two quotation will be made with 2 items in each

I would suggest create dummy quotation and download the template, after that replace the values and upload again. You are probably not creating the file correctly.

Yeah you are right somewhere I am making mistake, I have already created dummy entry and downloaded the same. Now I am uploading the data into downloaded file and will let you know, if I got something.

Thanks for Support

I guess Grand total require to import data, when I enter data for this field data import successfully.