Data Import - Private vs Public?

Hello ERPNext community,

When doing a data import via CSV upload, what is the difference between private and public?

Please see image.

Private will be restricted to the uploading user, where public will be accessible to (most) logged in users

How to change default value of private tick checkbox in ERPNext

Thanks. But what data is public or private?

The data import log?

The actually data being uploaded?

the csv that you’re uploading.

Mostly it should be private to be on the safer side.

I still don’t understand.

What exactly is private, and what is public?

Can someone give me a really clear example please.

There isn’t any documentation on this.

In simple word.
Public means if a user gets a link to the file it can be accessed without logging in to the ERP.

Private means a user will have to login to ERP to access that file.

Ok great thanks, that is clear.

Not sure why ERPNext would even create a public option.

How would someone get a link to the file? And can I remove the file after upload?

It is needed for many reasons.

Yes you can but what is the problem in just making files private?

Ok thanks for the info.

I am thinking of other people in our company, who may use the import tool, and not know the difference between private and public.

They may think (as I did), that private means… any data that I upload is only accessible to my user account in ERPNext.

So, they use “public” because they think (as I did)…public will make the data uploaded into ERPnext accessible to ALL users.

But actually public means it could be accessible to the whole world if we’re not careful!