Data import set a field to blank


Some of our users want to use Data import for updating data. While doing so, they routinely need to set values of some fields to blank. From what we know, that’s not possible as of this writing.

Is there a way/workaround to do this? Is there a reason why this cannot be provided? Or can it be provided with some known quirks?



An answer to this issue would really help with data cleaning that I need to complete

Is this still an issue? Does anyone has an answer please?

Instead of blank why not put temporary field value?


  1. goto list view
  2. filter out the documents to be changed
  3. select the documents by ticking check box on the first column in the grid
  4. click Actions->Edit (upper right corner), in the popup window, select the target field, leave the value field empty, click the update xx records button.

option2: python script workaround solution

  1. define a valid special value for the target field, e.g Brand D for brand field in Item,
  2. in import file, assign the special value which will be set as empty after import
  3. in python script, if special value, then set the field as empty string