Data Import - Special Characters (Hyphen) break search on Sales Order, PO and all transactions

When using the Cloud version. The import tool does not index item_code and Item_names if there is a hyphen in the name e.g gx-myitem1 or gx-myitem2.

Both, my item name and item code had a hyphen, so I removed the item name hyphen and attempted to search on Sales Order line item code and it does not work.

I attempted to rename the item code via UI on the item page and nothing was fix.

I created a new item and put hyphens in name and used that item for a new PO and everything worked fine and great.

My conclusion is that, there is something broken on the Import Data tool, cause if I do a simple item manually with hyphens everything works fine, but if I do it via data import…it does not work.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Is this a legit bug? or it works as designed.

By the way I am a full member.