Data import tool Download Template bottom not working

Data import tool Download Template bottom not working

request.js:283 TypeError: count_method[export_records] is not a function at DataExporter.update_record_count_message (:5575:35) at DataExporter.make_dialog (:5493:12) at :5412:14 at Object.with_doctype (model.js:134:16) at new DataExporter (:5411:20) at eval (data_import__js:224:24) at assets.js:17:16 at Object.eval_assets (assets.js:95:15) at assets.js:78:19 at Object.callback (assets.js:129:5)

(anonymous) @ request.js:283
fire @ jquery.js:3500
fireWith @ jquery.js:3630
done @ jquery.js:9796
(anonymous) @ jquery.js:10057
load (async)
send @ jquery.js:10076
ajax @ jquery.js:9690 @ request.js:253 @ request.js:103
fetch @ assets.js:119
execute @ assets.js:77
(anonymous) @ assets.js:15
frappe.require @ assets.js:14
download_template @ data_import__js:223
_handler @ script_manager.js:30
runner @ script_manager.js:108
(anonymous) @ script_manager.js:126
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ dom.js:265
frappe.run_serially @ dom.js:263
trigger @ script_manager.js:140
onclick @ button.js:25
(anonymous) @ button.js:15
dispatch @ jquery.js:5430

Is already reported in v14

do you have GitHub link

Yes, you can see here:

But I have realized that this issue is closed now. I’ve seen the same issue recently on a v14 after upgrade from v13 … what Frappe version are you using?