Data Import Tool missing in v10?


I can figure out Data Import DocType, but no ‘Data Import Tool’ even as an administrator with all privilegest in ERPNext10 except ‘Data Import Tool’ under ‘Help’ at the bottom of search results!!!

Did I miss something?


The Data Import Tool is now a Doctype. All your data imports will now be listed in there.

Have you changed any permissions on data import by any chance?

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Yes. We all missed it. The user interface changed. You can still get there from the Setup page by selecting Data Import / Export. However when you want to export something, YOU have to tell the system you actually want to create a new IMPORT. When the new import screen is displayed, there will be a “Download Template” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on that to get your download.

Different from earlier versions but sort of inline with the new ideas about how to manage uploads and downloads. It follows the same pattern that existed for the template download of Starting Inventory.

Always like an Easter Egg hunt when a new version comes out. Functions we are used to get moved around.



Thanks for the info. We are back in business

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