Data Import Tool not uploading/importing data

While trying to import items data using the CSV template generated, a request time out error is thrown, and the data is not uploaded.
Finally was able to upload only about 100 rows at a time.
I read a few posts on the forum and about 1000 rows at a time is the limit I presume.

How can I increase the number of rows to be updated, since uploading data of about 2000 in batches of 100 is not really effiecient?

You can try to import data especially having 100 rows and above by delegating the task as a background job. You may refer to this document.

Hi, iRaySpace, thanks for the information, but I’m not really sure about how to program that, I’m not a programmer as such, and have been using only the web interface of the erpnext.

Also, the data I am trying to import is a CSV file present in the documents folder of Windows, and I am using ERPNext installed on the virtualbox. I was not able to use the import-csv command on the frappe-bench as it would always give an error of invalid path. I presume it is because the two folders(frappe and Documents) are on two different operating systems and these folders are not shared with each other.

Hi @ajit.jain1 ! Try putting the document in the virtual box first before importing to the system. :smiley:

Can you help me regarding the same.
I tried to share the folder but could not access it.

Hi @ajit.jain1! What is your host OS and what virtual machine did you use? You may want to take a look at this link or find something similar to suite the one you are using.

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thanks will try it out:+1:

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