Data Import Tool Template bug

Hi guys,

When I tried importing data required by just one DocType (for example, Address) via Data Import Tool using the downloaded empty template it generated for me, I constantly failed. The system did not show any error messages yet the data had not come along into the system.

When I drilled down into details (and spent quite a lot of time on debugging it actually :disappointed: ), I noticed the system stopped adding the special mark-up column β€œ~” at the end of the column list definition at the header area (above line 20 of the csv template file)

Once I figured it out and cracked the template to add such a missing end column, my data started to import.

This is going to be a serious blocker to any team or organization setting up a dedicated instance of ERP Next where big volumes of data are required to input in bulk mode.

I observed this on ERP Next v. 7.1.23

I did not remember this error to appear as of the end of Sep 2016 where I had the previous mass data upload run for a new instance. So something could go wrong between there and now.

Could you please look at it?
Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. You can send a pull request to fix it too!

Edit: Last commit seems 4 months ago, someone would have reported if it was broken. Could be something at your end too.

Let me try and replicate.

@rmehta: thanks for your looking at it. Just to be clear, we face this problem when preparing import data for single DocTypes only.

In a scenario of preparing a data file affecting multiple DocTypes (for instance, when selecting mandatory attributes for Customer, which touches some attributes of Company and Price List DocTypes linked to Customer docs), the end β€œ~” col is there to go correctly.

just in case, below are the steps to reproduce on my end:

1/ Deploy a local VM using the latest Development VM image from Not Found
2/ Execute bench update to go to the latest versions of Frappe and ERPNext
3/ Execute bench start
4/ Run the system configuration wizard and start using the system in a regular way
5/ Go to Contact List and click Import in the menu

6/ Configure Contact attributes to use and click β€œDownload Blank Template” button:

7/ The malformed csv template is generated

Below is the configuration of Frappe and ERP Next on my local VM:

  • ERPNext: v7.1.23
  • Frappe Framework: v7.1.24

Note: @rmehta, I will be swamped with the extra-high-priority tasks through this Thu inclusive. I will have the bandwidth to look at this (obviously hig-priority and critical) bug myself on Fri, if noone else has capacity to jump on it earlier. Could you please point me to the right place in ERP Next codebase to tackle it?

@gvyshnya worked okay for me, the tilde does not seem important

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