Data Import Tool: Updating Child Rows

Hello Everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone else finds the current Data Import tool frustrating when trying to update child table rows. I’m going to say now, I might even be using it wrong :sweat_smile: but from what I’ve experienced, if you select update then import the data it will clear all existing data in that child table and replace it with whatever is in that import file.

So let’s say I’m adding 1-2 more barcodes for approx. 300 items. I would first have to export the existing data to CSV, write a program to insert the new lines into the exported file. Then re-upload all the data.

Would it not make more sense to append the child table row when updating child table?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, or lecture that I’m doing this totally wrong :upside_down_face:


We are also facing the same issue. any inputs on solving this?



I faced the same issue. If you are to update three rows of child table (which has 100 rows) as an example, you have to include all rows even if there is no changes in the other 97 rows.

did you find any solution to this?