Data Import Tool - Variant not generated until Template item is saved, after import

Hello there,

I am using the Data import tool to import my items but after importing my Template item and my Variant item are still both marked as status “Template” : (cf COUSCOUS BAG items)

For now what i have been doing is to go into the Template item (in this example, COUSCOUS BAG with ID 123456) and click on Save and when I go back in the list of products the item now has the status “Variant” :

It works but i plan on importing about 2,000 items with about 3 variants on average each, so I won’t be able to do this for every item in the future.

Is there a way to import them and make them as Variant without have to save the Templates items ?



This works fine in m test account. I didn’t have to update Template Item to correct the status of Variant Items.


In your csv file used to import data, did you write 2 lines (1 for the template item and 1 for the variant item) or did you only put 1 line and add “has variant” and in that case precise the details for the variant ?

Because I uploaded 2 lines each time maybe that’s the problem…

But if the solution is to import 1 line for both the template and the variant, what do you write if you have 1 template and 5 variants for this template to import ?


Hello, Line will be different for both template and variant item. For each item, variant details will be mentioned in a separate row.

Hello Umair,

We made two uploaded two lines each times, but for ERP to take into account the new colour uploaded, we have to save the template individually everytime, which is not very convenient when we have much data to upload.
Thanks !