Data Import - Update only, do not insert new records

Just trying to complete bulk update of data in Item’s. I exported out all fields using Data Export/Import tool, made the changes (Item Supplier and Supplier Part Number) then imported back in with “Update only, do not insert new records.”. States it completes OK however skips over all rows as shown below. Checking the item’s, the details are not updated.

I found in the template export it indicates “For updating, you can update only selective columns.” - is anyone able to elaborate on this? Apart from it being the reason the fields are not updating?


Hi this seems to be working fine in the test account. Can you confirm that a valid Supplier was added in the sheet.


Error message indicates that no new value was found on the said row to be updated in the item master. Please check if file imported has Item Supplier and Supplier Code correctly updated in it.

HI @ArundhatiS,
Yes, I even went to the extend of placing an incorrect supplier code in to see what the results were - it returned errors indicating supplier was not valid.

Hi @umair,
Thanks. Double checked the existing file and all were correct. I had tried exporting minimal fields as template, edit and upload - same issue.

Tested uploading the same file again this morning without making changes and it work… editing other fields and testing after also uploaded OK :confused:

I did have an issue with caching I found later in the day which I cleared out, but did not test after that. Does the import tool function more client side?

In any case, all OK now.

Thanks @ArundhatiS @umair