Bulk change item price id

we forgot to change the standard item price id naming convention and we have already linked to items how can bulk change keeping the linkage with out doing duplicate to update


You can overwrite information using Data import tool. Please refer the link to learn more on the same.


Hope this helps.

i followed this but this is the result i am changeing from this:

Ignored row (#46) “ITEM-PRICE-201701”

any idea why this did not work need to get it going to roll out we were waiting for v 8

bump any thoughts

since this didnt work i went into the database and edited manually it hasnt seemed to create a problem

seems im not the only one having errors:

Yes imllc you are not alone. There have been many times in the last few months I have had my progress stop. I started with this upload problem last week not knowing if it is my fault or not. I cannot figure it out, tried several things over and over again. I asked questions and only got suggestions from other users but they do not solve my problems. There must be a lot of problems with ERPNEXT 8 that are taking president over our problems. I can’t even upload anymore so I am at a stopping point. Very frustrating with this starting and stopping because it breaks my concentration trying to figure how to configure all the links and connections and rules. And it doesn’t help that there are a lot of gaps for guidance in the documentation and the discussion forums .

I have been working with projects for years… some good, some less than desirable hope we can turn the corner I had really hoped that the deployment of 8 was going to be less of the old and more on the new with serious regression testing… this project seems like it has some good legs… I will do what I can to move it forward but clear documentation and dialog are imperative for that to happen. I am looking at the foundation as a solution here… Nothing is truly free we are the some of our parts…

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