Data Marts for Modules

@rmehta, how feasible would it be to create data marts or a Business Data-warehouse of some sort, for the different modules? Say Finance, HRMS, Sales, Purchase, Stock etc? Does the core data model of ERPNext change quite a lot?

Use-case is if someone wants to connect a 3rd Party BI Application like iDashboards, Tableau, BOBJ or PowerBI to ERPNext. It would be great to connect to a nicely-modelled DW that can come out of the ERPNext’s transactional DB. Also, later we’ll have to figure out a way to ensure that the data from ERPNext is synchronized/updated with the DW (on a Batch or Transactional basis).

Idea is to be able to come up with a DW Model that is Database agnostic. This would only be possible if the core data model doesn’t change too much. I am relatively new to ERPNext and hence don’t know the intricacies as much, but if it is something that you feel is feasible, I would be more than happy to help as I come from over a decade’s experience in BI and Data Management.

Let me know your thoughts…