Data migration Connector

Hai everyone,
Am trying to utilize Data migration doctypes, is there any latest documentation.


Do you mean data importation and data exportation?

Am trying to push data of a doctype to oracle db. Does my usecase can be acheived through this data migration mapping and data migration connector.

You can export data like this:

How To Export Data From ERPNext to Excel/CSV

You would then need to transform the CSV data into Oracle insert statements.

Alternatively, you can extract the data in JSON format through the API and transform it into Oracle insert statements.

Either way, yes ERPNext has tools to allow you to get your data out for other purposes.

Also, in a self-hosted system you can write Python3 code to connect to a remote endpoint and pump data across in whatever format, and according to whatever schedule, you are able to code up.

Yes, these are ways to export data.
Am trying to utilize data migration mapping and data migration connector doctype to push data.

Sorry, I’m confused. Your question provides no context.

What is that connector? Where is it documented?

There is a doctype named data migration mapping and data migration connector. Kindly have a look so that you can get a idea.
Using the Data Migration Tool. documentation for data migration its is not updated to latest version.

I was not aware that this existed. Sorry.

No problem @MartinHBramwell . Thank you for the response.

How far have you progressed? Are you getting an error message?

Error message is “

Invalid Module Path”. There is field named python module and connection type. I need to know how it works.
Gave the different path in python module field but no progress.

Something to consider:


You can create a free MySql database there then set up and test your migration.

If you have difficulties you can post your setup and the access credentials to your disposable db4free MySql database in this forum. That way anyone can replicate your set up and test against the same database.

That way it will be much easier to help you with a specific problem.

What happens if you leave it blank?

It is not a mandatory field. But If i leave it blank where do i mention the function path to be triggered.