Data migration from ERPNext to odoo

Hello Guys,

Can you possible data migration from ERPNext to Odoo ?


You should post that in the Odoo community, no?

The community here would love to help people that want to migrate FROM Odoo TO ERPNext.

Anything we can do to help you stay on ERPNext?



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Hi Ketan,

Odoo is becoming more and more closed source.
Plus the pricing of the ERPNext is way simpler and much more reasonable than Odoo.
To add to that we have also added several enterprise features in ERPNext.
I hope we can convince you to stay on ERPNext platform.

Thanks and Regards,
Rushikesh Parekh

Hello Guys,

Thanks for replay.
You are absolute right and i agreed with you.

I thing ERPNext is better than odoo framework but Environment setup is more complex in ERPNext and also customization, i was faced many issues when i was trying to setup in my local.

I will think about it, but right now i am trying to find the way if in future we have to move on other.

Thanks. :slight_smile: