Data Migration to ERPnext

As we are going to go live with ERPnext on 01.08.2016. how can we upload the data from our existing system as on 31.7.2016 to ERPnext.


Are you migrating from an existing ERPNext system? Which system are you moving from?

@Hap_Dorji migrating from your old system to ERPNext over night sounds very ambitious to me.
Especially if you might not have much experience with ERPNext.

I think you may need to practice migrations before you actually do it

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We have been practicing & working with ERPnext for last eight month to implement it in our company. Now with the basic requirement completed, We want to move to ERPnext. Therefore can you advice us on data migration.

We are using Tally system as of now.

The easiest way to migrate data is to use the Data Import tool. You can populate all of your doctypes with that.

If you want help, you need to provide more information about what data you need to transfer over and how you are planning on using the system, etc.

Thanks for your advice. I just want to ask if you have any format or copy of data that other company use for data migration.

you should check out the data migration tool. It is possible to export a template including existing data for reference.

If you put in some test entries and then export those into those templates you have the best starting point I’d say. Can you export you data from Tally?

Just … you’ll have to play with it and train yourselves in order to make this successful. Importing data via csv can be tricky at times with many error messages before it works

Sir,Thanks for your valuable feed back. Can you plz help me to send a sample copy of CSV form. So that i can go by it.

You can export a CSV for a DocType from the Data Import Tool itself.

@vjFaLk there are different type of doc type, which one should i choose to upload data migration.

You need to use one DocType csv for each document you have. For example, if you sell products, you will use the Item doctype to load all the items you use. If you want to add all your employees to the system, use the Employee doctype.

There is not (as far as I know) a tool that will automatically load all the data from your system to ERPNext in one go. You need to fill out the CSV forms from your data and load them.

My organization used macros in Excel to automatically convert the data from our previous system into the proper format to be loaded by the Data Import tool in ERPNext. This meant that we were able to test loading data into ERPNext while still on our existing system. When we finally fully switched over, we knew the tool was working and we weren’t going to get any errors, which made it go smoothly.

Another important consideration is the order in which you upload doctypes. You will need to upload all dependencies first, i.e. in Item there is Brand, Item Group, etc. You will need to import Brand and Item Group before you can import Item.

I would plan this out well ahead of time and even do a test or two on an isolated/dummy server.

Good luck!

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Good Day,
I had a problem in the migration between old ERPnext version v7.2.14 and a new one v9 in Invoices ,Journal Entry, Work flow. , However the customers and Employees was Imported successfully.

I realized the tables structure was changed and always get an error message “Please correct the format of the file and import again.”

What is the first thing to be considered in this case and how can I import the data successfully.