Data migration tool for Busy accounting software to Erpnext

As we are going to go live with ERPnext on 01.08.2021. how can we upload the data from our existing Busy accounting system to ERPnext.

Using Data Import, you can upload your All Master Excell Sheet.

Usually you should only upload the Closing balance as on the Cut-off date as Opening Balance in ERPNext. Uploading historic transactions is not recommended as the data structures will be different in both the systems also the masters may differ. This may turn into a huge project if you want to migrate historic data.

Here is how you should ideally do it

  1. Take closing balance (Trial Balance) as on the cut-off date from your previous software (Busy)
  2. Match the Chart of Accounts as required
    a. Please bear in mind that ERPNext uses Dimensional Accounting and not Linear Accounting, meaning, you need not create a separate Ledger for each Customer/Supplier
  3. Add Stock (Asset Account) through Stock Reconciliation>Opening with correct Qty and Valuation, this will add (Dr) to your Stock-Asset account and a balancing double entry will be posted in Temporary Opening Account
  4. Add Customer and Supplier opening balances through Opening Invoice tool, this will help you track the ageing of outstanding. If you do not wish to keep track of ageing, use Opening Journal Entry to add Customer and Supplier Opening balances. This will again hit Debtor/Creditor and counter entry will be posted in Temporary Opening
    Pro tip: Create a new Naming Series for Invoices for opening and set it default before entering opening invoices, this will help you keep the numbering of these invoices different from the current series, which is helpful in GST compliance
  5. Add balances to other ledgers like Capital Account, Reserves etc through Journal Entry>Opening

At the end of all these steps, Dr and Cr in Temporary Opening should be 0, this is your check to verify if the balances have been added correctly.

Also,I would advise to load the Opening balances for accounting and inventory before starting any transactions to avoid confusions later.


Thanks for your valuable guidance
Will keep in mind while doing so
Once again thank you

Thanks for your valuable import features
Will keep in mind while doing so
Once again thank you