Data not reflected in database after submission

in sales invoice table data of posting date is not getting stored in database due to which i am not able to amend the sales invoice.

so the field posting_date is empty in tabSales Invoice but a posting date exists when you look at the Sales Invoice in the the Browser Interface?

field exist on browser and database also till sales invoice is in draft form but when i submit invoice then it does not reflect in both browser as well as database

| name | posting_date |
| KRISH-2019-00033 | NULL |
| KRISH-2019-00034 | NULL |
| KRISH-2019-00036 | NULL |
| KRISH-2019-00035 | 2019-05-04 |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

only guessing here … can it be your user does not have permission to submit SO documents?

user have that permission after submitting the document this problem arises.

I can’t confirm that behavior as it works on my (v11) instances. So It may not be a general bug (if that was the case I guess there’d be much more activity around this issue) but a local problem with your installation.

Couldn’t really say what exactly might cause such behavior. What is your environment, how did you install your instance?