Data plan for single ERPNext user

ERPNext is really awesome. I am a developer and I can say the options are limitless what I can do with the framework. I have suggested and recommend using ERPNext free account to businesses who are just starting out with digitization. I always knew there is a limit for data storage. Something interesting took place recently, one of the businesses, I advised to use ERPNext(free cloud account), ran into storage issue. He is single user of the system and will never need multiple users as he runs a small business single handedly.

Why can’t he just opt for additional storage plans? Why we have plans which are based on number of ERP users. Its a simple and recurring scenario where one person might be running the business without need of multiple users. But he might grow so much that the single user business can breach the free data storage limit.

ERPNext should have different pricing plan, not just based on number of users. A person who opted for ERPNext in beginning and trusted the software/system, should be able to continue using the system and grow his business along with ERPNext. He should not loose on his business because he hit the storage limit. This is in my opinion and I think is missed out. The single ERPNext user might grow to hit the data limit. He might think even consider spending unnecessarily for the plan with 5 (Five users) and 5GB space even though he will be the only person using the software/system just for additional data.

I hope we do realize that once people start digitizing we might end up with a lot of users with above scenario.

Note: This is respect to Indian market
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@binodmainali1 Thank you for your kind words.

Unfortunately we are not burning VC funded dollars to fund these free accounts. ERPNext is free as in freedom. Hosting costs real money. If you find cheaper hosting options, you can move your data anytime.

I think any serious business should find the value for a minimum 5 user plan. It is by far the cheapest ERP solution available anywhere.

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It’s a great ERP, the pricing is excellent and even the support. It would be excellent if you offer monthly payment plans than just yearly. My personal experience is that I have at many occasions decided to take up the plan and have held back, because I cannot be sure if over time the ERP (not specifically ERPNext) is a way to go ahead for me. I would like to start with a paid subscription, over time I will figure-out the pros and cons and later if I do feel it is not worth for my business scenario, I can pull back (initial few months) and if I find it useful, there would be no turning back.
I would be happy to take the monthly paid subscription over a free account.

This is just my opinion.

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We don’t have many requests for monthly plans. If you want an extended (3 month) trial, we can help you with that. Just drop a mail at