Data Population from other DocType


I am just going through the Library Management tutorial. I have completed Article, Library Member and trying to complete Library Membership. DocType for the same as follows:

However, after selecting Library Member, there First Name and Last Name is not populating automatically. Someone, please advice.


Have you tried it with edit in full page?
and it that confirm that Doctype Library Member have both fields named first_name and last_name?
And have filled?

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yes, full page and quick both were tried, both field names are correct and have data.


Then it should work, try to clear your chache using ctrl + shift + r

Tried, but no luck. Is it necessary to write any script for the same?


Not required any script to do that, i am wondering that why it not working, you are probably be doing some mistake, anyways try this script to achieve that.

frappe.ui.form.on("Libray Memebership", "library_member", function(frm) {{
        "method": "frappe.client.get",
        "args": {
             "doctype": "Library Member",
             "name": frm.doc.library_member
        "callback": function(response) {
             var library_member = response.message;
             if (library_member) {
                  frm.set_value('member_first_name', library_member.first_name);
                  frm.set_value('member_last_name', library_member.last_name);
             } else {
                  frappe.msgprint("Member not found");

For curiosity, I just downloaded and implement library_management app from github.
That is also behaving same.

@umair @rmehta can any one help me?


Hello @shahid,

Script works fine. But, are you sure this should work without JS?


Are you using the develop version of Frappe?

i.e., in your screenshot

where you wrote library_member.first_name, click on the inverted triangle beside it to open all the options for the field. Below the options field are you able to see a Fetch From labelled field?

If so, add library_member.first_name in this field and remove it from options field. Do the same for library_member.last_name. Save the DocType and reload the page.

Now try to create a new membership and see if the first and last name are getting fetched or not.

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Yes, also try the suggestion of Zlash.

@Zlash65 @shahid Yes, this works fine.

Thank you very much.